Friday, June 1, 2012

Oh Hi!

***This was actually a post from a few weeks ago. I didn't get to finish it until today. A lot has been going on lately, keeping me pretty busy and I haven't posted in awhile. My sister was pestering me to update the blog so here I am! Sometimes I just need someone to give me a good hard push to do something that I know I need to do. So do feel free to drop by to remind me :-). 

May 12 2012

Sarah is 14 weeks old now. She has been sleeping through the night since a couple weeks ago! She sucks her right thumb to sooth herself to sleep most of the time. And she's pretty consistent about her daily schedule. I think she's about to flip over soon since she's been rolling from her back to her side. Tonight I tried to play "peek-a-boo" with her. It startled her a little bit at first, her eyes were so wide opened and she paused for a few seconds that I thought she was going to cry. But then she started to laugh that I kept doing it for a few more times. FUN!

We have a stretch of pleasant, dry weather this week with mostly sunny skies in the low 70s. It sure is nice to be able to enjoy some spring weather as opposed to jumping straight into summer-like weather. Daniel had to work today so I took the kids out to this tiny town called Port Gamble, which is around 20 minutes drive from our house. It's a touristy kind of place which used to be a bustling logging town back in the 1850s. It has these well preserved original New England Victorian style houses which I love. 

These are views of the backyard of some of the buildings here, which is a huge field with a playground at the side of it. Some of these buildings which used to be houses have been turned into shops and a restaurant. 

I was actually craving for some scones (which I can just buy instead of making them myself as I normally do) and there is a little tea room place here that serves delicious scones and some other stuff that are pretty good too. But once we arrived there the boys wanted to play some soccer in that big field instead of heading straight to the tea room so Sarah and I hanged out on the side of the field near this wooden playground area. The boys made some new friends and they played kick ball for a little while before I got hungry and decided that it was time to indulge myself with some sweet stuff. 

The first time we were here was when Grammy visited us last December. I didn't post any pictures from that time since I lost all the pictures when the hard drive crashed. Since this is actually a house converted into a business place, it doesn't have much space. I'm so glad that we were seated in this room instead of the main room (which was full btw). There was nobody else in this room so it was perfect, especially when it involved a baby with three sweat smelling boys.

There are only two types of scones serve there, cranberry pecan and lemon. I ordered two of each. Unfortunately the scones were pretty dry that day. The tea was great though. Ezzat and I drank almost the whole pot. 

While waiting for me to feed Sarah, the boys went back to the field to play for a little bit more. 

The kids wanted to go to the beach and since we are living in Puget Sound, there's never a shortage of finding one within a short distance. We went to Shine Tidelands State Park which is just a few minutes away from the tea house.

Hood Canal Floating Bridge

Digging for some clams

Monday, March 26, 2012

Tok's visit

Here are some pictures from when my mom came to visit us back in February. Well actually she arrived in late January before I gave birth to Sarah. She stayed for over a month and we really enjoyed her company, especially after not seeing each other for nearly two years. These pictures were actually lost when my hard drive decided to stop working but Daniel managed to salvage some of them. 

Feb 23 2012 - I love this picture because it seems like Sarah was looking straight at the camera.

Feb 24 2012 - Despite the smiles, the boys were all pretty much in a grumpy mood. Farhan spilled some ice cream on his shirt which explains that big spot, in which I did not think would appear too obvious in the photo but it did! And our little bean was all squirmy and making all sorts of faces. 

Sarah with Tok, the night before Tok left for Malaysia. Thank you Aunt Barbara for Sarah's cute outfit!

We took Tok out for dinner on her last night here. Unfortunately the food wasn't that great. 

 Sarah slept the whole time we were there.

 What Ezzat wrote in his planner.

Feb 25 2012 -  Sarah at 3 weeks (+1 day) old

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fun Time With Poppy - Day 3

I didn't have any pictures the second day Poppy was here. The guys spent a few hours at a state park nearby but I decided to stay at home and do something else. On the third day, Poppy and the boys went to  a park nearby our house called Island Lake and they had fun trying to find a Bigfoot. The boys truly believe the creature exists. We had satay on our grill later that day. I have been wanting to have a grill for quite awhile and since there was really not much space in the backyard, the idea was never materialized until we found this cute grill that fits our needs. BBQ time is fun!

Satay sticks on the grill

Our planter boxes filled with all sorts of herbs. Daniel built them. 

Our backyard garden in early summer.

Click on the enlarge button on the bottom left to view a larger size of the pictures.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Fun time with Poppy - Day 1

Daniel's dad visited us a few weeks ago. He came all the way from Oklahoma and stayed with us for 4 days and we got to do quite a few fun things with him. The boys especially were so happy to have Poppy around to play with them. I took tons of pictures - as usual, and that's the easiest part. The hardest part is to post them in here and there are tons of excuses for that. I'm not proud. But I will certainly be if I could post all of the pictures until the last day Poppy was here. Keep your fingers crossed!

Day 1 - June 28th, 2011

We took Poppy to Point No Point beach in Hansville. We were worried if it was going to be raining the entire time he was here, especially when the weather forecast looked ominous. Luckily there was not a single drop of rain except for some gloomy mornings.

I went overboard with the birds. But I love them and seeing them flocking away never fail to amaze me.

It took me a few takes before I got the picture right. It's getting harder to get the boys to pose and smile at the same time.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Helping Farmer Gregory

The Bonnin family were FARMERS on one Wednesday afternoon! Daniel arranged with our c.s.a.(community supported agriculture) farmer Paul Gregory to let us come and see how the farm works. We planted tomatoes, picked some weeds, covered some beet beds and even harvested a bag of Swiss chard to take home! Farmer Gregory was really informative with the kids and his 84 year old mother even made us some lemonade during our break time!

Different views of the farm

The boys really enjoyed the opportunity given by Mr Gregory to plant some tomato plants.

Potatoes and tomatoes are in the same family so both of these plants are always planted next to each other at the Gregory's farm.

Moving on to weeding and eating Swiss chard fresh from the ground. I wasn't sure whether the boys were either really hungry or they actually love the chard. But they kept asking for more.

Emir took weeding seriously.

And enjoying his time at the farm.

Compost pile, some from kitchen scraps from restaurants nearby. 

Last thing we did was to plant beet seeds.