Monday, February 18, 2013

Artwork from the boys

Ezzat's design of his airport

 Farhan's Valentine's card

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Ezzat!

Daniel came up with a sweet idea in making the present giving fun and awesome! He made it like some sort of a treasure hunt with clues so Ezzat had to hunt for his presents.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Backyard Circus

This was also at the State Fair. I thought that it's better to dedicate one entry just for it.

I wonder how long has this guy been working here? Daniel thinks the whole thing looks creepy and the boys are too big for that but I still think it's cool anyway especially when the boys were pumped about it.

So this was how it worked. Instead of doing all the work, the old, white hair guy asked the kids to volunteer to be in his show, and he became the ringmaster. There's a girl that became the ropewalker,  a boy that became a lion tamer, a couple of boys that became lions and tigers,  cute little girls that became pretty butterflies, and two human canon balls! Our three boys raised their hands in no time.  

Here's Ezzat waiting for his turn to put on his costume.

He's one of the tigers - gggrrroowwlll!!

Waiting for their turn to jump through a 'flaming' hoop. By this time, I began to think that probably Ezzat was infact too old for this.

 But he said he had fun. He looked shy though.

But these two guys were thrilled! They were the Human Canon Balls - the ultimate show of the afternoon!

Emir got in the canon, the ringmaster assistant 'ignited' the canon - and off he went, flying so high! (sorry, I didn't get any picture in between the transition)

Tadaaa! The Ultimate Human Canon Ball survived again, albeit a different person now :-) - it's Mr. Farhan!(what happened was Emir remained inside the canon, and Daniel carried Farhan from outside the tent and Farhan straighten up his legs and hands as if he was flying like a Superman. Sorry you guys I'm bad at explaining this part, but you get what I mean right?). I love it when Farhan took his bow. It was perfect!

There was a puppet parade (see those big tall puppets behind) after that where volunteered parents helped carried the puppets around the tent while their children walked in front of them, but we had enough so we left. 

 I love the expression of this ilama!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Merry Christmas from the Bumblebeez! Especially to Uncle Dan, Grammy, Poppy, Auntie Liz, Uncle Paul, Carly, Bree, Auntie Katherine, and oh! Not forgetting Auntie Marcelle in Netherlands. We hope all of you will have a special and wonderful day. Happy holidays!


Emir, Farhan & Ezzat =)

PS: Btw, we can't help but drew these airplanes even for Christmas cards. Mama thinks we should draw something else but we just can't. We love them too much!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ezzat went the airport

Ezzat has been asking us to bring him to the airport to see aeroplanes. So yesterday, his Tok Wan brought him there early in the morning to catch the first flight. He's all excited, though I think he's still a bit sleepy (he slept pretty late the night before coz his young uncles came over , and they played till almost midnight and slept over at our house). And he asked me if he could bring the camera with him so he can snap some pictures. He's really into planes nowadays. Everyday he never fails to talk he about them, he draws them, when he's in the car, he's acting as if he's the pilot, he looks inside the encyclopedia for them and he looks for their pictures in the newspapers.

Here's one rather sleepy and sad? boy. He just missed his favorite plane - AirAsia! Luckily there's a consolation - a MAS waiting to depart.

A fairly new airport, just a few minutes drive from our home.

Watching the plane takes off.

And guess what Ezzat did after he came back? (He's pretty shy when I took this pic)


Friday, November 7, 2008

School Concert 2008 & Graduation Day

Farhan and Ezzat had their school concert and graduation day today. It's way different from the concert we went last year at their previous kindergarten when we're still in Kuala Lumpur. Obviously the standard here is in Alor Star is still far behind but nonetheless we had a great time, especially for the 2 boys. I was hoping the school could provide the parents with a professional cameraman or photographer so that we could purchase the pictures and CDs later but there's none. The kindergarten which Emir and Farhan went last year did all that, and it's such a breeze and I didn't have to go all the way in front to snap some Kodak moment. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to put up pictures from last year too since there are some of you who might not have seen those.

CEC Concert 2007 :

This was at last year's concert. Emir and his friend posing at the backstage before their show - an Indian dance.

The 2 brothers. Farhan's wearing a traditional Malay costume for his dance.

Waiting for the show to begin.

The stage. Bad pic though coz it was taken using handphone.

Emir receiving his scroll from Ms. Aggy, the principal. Bad picture again. Thank god I have a sharp one taken by a photographer hired by the school.

Elite Kindergarten Concert 2008 :

Emir's goofing around while waiting for the show to begin.

Farhan's receiving his cert.

Ezzat in action. The kids are acting out a play based on a folkfore song. This is the best I can get. The zooming feature of the cam is not so great.

Farhan's turn. Another short play, and poor Farhan, his microphone didn't work. But he kept it cool and asked for another mic.

And we got a gift from a lucky draw! There were lucky draws in between each shows. The principal picked out a student's name (it was Ezzat's), and his/her parent was called out to get the prize.

Another show from Farhan. He's on the very far left, in white shirt, 2nd row. If you look closely, you could see that he's a bit distracted coz Emir was right in front of the stage watching. I love the sound from the Anklung, the instrument played by the kids from the 1st and 2nd rows. Anklung is a traditional musical instrument and it's made from bamboo. The hollow bamboo reonates when struck and the length of the bamboo determines its pitch of frequency.

One tired boy.

Mr Farhan got a present for being the one who showed most progress in his class.

The 3 brothers.

With Mr Khoo, the principal. The boys fondly calls him Mr Kool coz he's really a cool teacher.

Last pose before we go home.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ezzat is 5!

Pictures of Ezzat when he was 1 - 2 yrs old.

2 - 3 yrs old

3 - 4 yrs old

4 -5 yrs old

So Ezzat celebrated his 5th birthday last Sunday, 19th October 08. He's been looking forward to it as birthday = more toys! I didn't really prepare anything except some goodie bags for his friends at school coz we just came back that Saturday night from attending my brother's engagement ceremony in KL and getting some documents for the visa. He got some presents from his principal, Mr Khoo, or Uncle Kool as Ezzat calls him and he's soooo happy when I came to fetch him at his kindergarten. Unfortunately I misplaced my camera so I missed a truly Kodak moment (I found it later under the car seat after 3 days of searching). Anyway, we had an impromptu birthday celebration for him that night although I was terribly exhausted from the trip back to Alor Star especially when I have these 3 bumblebeez who kept buzzing all the way (the whole journey is about 450km). Called up my brothers, but only one made it. And Auntie Aida - yay!

Here's the birthday boy. He looks much better with long hair.

Ezzat with his uncle, Najmi.

Grinning coz he got to put the candles.

His choice of cake. Luckily there's a bakery next to the restaurant.

Ezzat with Auntie Aida...and a present from her!

And here's a video of the happy boy.