Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jalan - jalan

Monday - May 6, 2013

We've been having some nice weather here since last week. It almost feels like summer actually, especially today. It was pretty warm in the low 80s. I just had  this impromptu plan to just go out and enjoy the sun so I  asked my friend Farina if she wanted to come along. I knew I wanted to go to the beach for sure. 

I love this headshot! She looked different though.

The last time she went to a beach was when we were in North Carolina, visiting Daniel's sister and her family. That was also her first. She wasn't too keen back then. This time around I think she had fun. She didn't even mind the cold water. 

I gave Sarah a piece of palm sugar steamed cake that Farina made (a type of Malay sweet snack) and she ate it really slowly, taking a super small bite at a time. That was what she was holding in her right hand in the picture and in many pictures after this one.

Oh that look!

She finally decided that it was more comfortable to just sit in the cold water. I did bring a change of clothes just  in case she gets wet.

Waiting for Auntie Farina to peel some Cutie oranges while holding a new piece of cake. She did finish the first one with Auntie Farina's help.

She got impatient.


"Mmmm...I'm not sure if I can finish this"

She was never a big fan of swings until today. She kept looking at this girl next to her who was slightly older, giggling and screaming and I guess it hit her that the swinging thing wasn't that bad after all. When it was time to go, she didn't want to get out of the swing seat and threw a bit of tantrum. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday and Father's Day

The watch below is what the kids gave to their dad for Father's Day plus a huge coffee mug since a regular size mug doesn't work for him anymore. Probably looks tacky to some, but we love it. Hopefully it will become a  precious keepsake in the family as this is our first time ever.

Our Sunday was pretty laid back. After lunch, we decided to ride some paddle boats at the nearby marina. Unfortunately, although the website did mention about the boats, once we got there nobody seemed to know what happened to them, not the front desk lady, and especially not this  one old man  with lots of tattoos who looked like a grumpy Willie Nelson who was supposed to help us with the boats, but was too lazy/drunk to even get up from his seat. What a bummer! Can somebody update the website please?  

I think that our next impromptu plan was even better than the boats. After passing by the place for millions of time hoping to go there at least once before we leave the island, finally our wish came true that Sunday (our wish = me and the kids :-)) 

The State Fair!

The boys' favorite ride. It makes them feel like they were flying high.

I would not ride this thing again! I felt like losing all my lunch and just closed my eyes throughout the entire ride. The boys didn't like it either.


Another favorite ride

Didn't taste as great as it looked. And the price - a whopping $5 per stick!