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Jan 2014

 Jan 05 2014 - Sunday morning in the basement

Jan 07 2014 - Playing in the snow 

Jan 10 2014 - Coloring

Jan 11 2014 - Dinner

Jan 19 2014 - Cheeky

Jan 23 2014 - Puzzles

Jan 25 2014 - Afternoon nap

Jan 27 2014 - Silly and messy

Jan 31 2014 - Art

Jan 31 2014 - Playground 

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His left middle finger got caught between his classroom door and the door jamb last Friday. I got a call from his school about it around noon. Actually it was a missed call! They called Daniel but he was already on his way to a gig that was an hour away. Daniel called me and this time I did pick up. My friend Farina happened to be with me and Sarah, having lunch when I got his call. I left Sarah with her, and went straight to the school. When I arrived, there were already four ambulances. Seriously, four? When I entered the school office, the room was packed with paramedics plus the principal, office staffs, and some teachers. One of the office staffs had to go out to get some fresh air because she couldn't stand the blood. I was asked if I would let the paramedics take him to the nearest hospital or I would prefer to drive him there instead. I opted for the second one thinking that it would be easier for us since the navy hospital already has his records etc. So we went to the ER, waited for about 15 minutes before being attended, which felt like eternity at that point of time.

The first thing they did was to lightly clean the wound. At the school, I didn't get to see it since it was covered with thick gauze so I didn't know the extent of the wound. We had to get an-ray done to see if there was any bone fractured.  The finger almost got chopped off and the only thing that kept it together was the skin. Poor guy was pretty tough. He was in pain but hardly shed any tears. He did however whine a bit when they started an IV on him and when they wanted to numb his finger. Since the upper part of his finger bone was fractured, an orthopedic surgeon was called to sew it back together. I had to look away when they did the procedure. Emir didn't seem to mind though.

We were discharged after being at the hospital for four hours. As much as I was worried about Emir, I was also worried about Sarah since she was not used to be left with someone else. But things worked out well in the end. Farina had to go home, so she left Sarah with the other two boys when they got back from school. Her brothers took her in their room, closed the door so she couldn't get out and just played with her until we got back. Daniel came back a few minutes after that. What a day!

PS: We went back to the hospital today for a follow up checkup and the wound is healing really well! Thank god for that! We do have to go back again in 10 days so that they can take off the stitches.

And this little missy here, she can be funny sometimes. She saw her big brother holding up his hand with bandages and all, and she started pretending she was in pain, holding her hand up just like him. So I wrapped her arm with a piece of gauze cloth and she walked around the living room like this.

Her expression is hilarious!

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Jalan - jalan

Monday - May 6, 2013

We've been having some nice weather here since last week. It almost feels like summer actually, especially today. It was pretty warm in the low 80s. I just had  this impromptu plan to just go out and enjoy the sun so I  asked my friend Farina if she wanted to come along. I knew I wanted to go to the beach for sure. 

I love this headshot! She looked different though.

The last time she went to a beach was when we were in North Carolina, visiting Daniel's sister and her family. That was also her first. She wasn't too keen back then. This time around I think she had fun. She didn't even mind the cold water. 

I gave Sarah a piece of palm sugar steamed cake that Farina made (a type of Malay sweet snack) and she ate it really slowly, taking a super small bite at a time. That was what she was holding in her right hand in the picture and in many pictures after this one.

Oh that look!

She finally decided that it was more comfortable to just sit in the cold water. I did bring a change of clothes just  in case she gets wet.

Waiting for Auntie Farina to peel some Cutie oranges while holding a new piece of cake. She did finish the first one with Auntie Farina's help.

She got impatient.


"Mmmm...I'm not sure if I can finish this"

She was never a big fan of swings until today. She kept looking at this girl next to her who was slightly older, giggling and screaming and I guess it hit her that the swinging thing wasn't that bad after all. When it was time to go, she didn't want to get out of the swing seat and threw a bit of tantrum. 

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Pot Luck Lunch With Friends

Last year I got to know quite a few Malaysians who live in greater Seattle. We've been in Silverdale, WA for almost four years now and for the first three years, I've not met any of my fellow country mates except one, and she lives in Lacey, WA, which is about 60 miles from here. Part of the reason was definitely because of where we are. The Malaysian community in Washington is mostly concentrated on the other side of the water. Although I have this love-hate relationship with Facebook, but thanks to it, I was able to make new friends that I would otherwise, never would have known or met.

My friend Farina and I got invited to a pot luck get together last Thursday, at one of the Malaysian girls' houses. Farina just moved from California three months ago. I was introduced to her by my high school friend via Facebook a few weeks before her move so it was great to have someone from home that lives nearby (it's only 10 minutes away from my place!). It certainly does alleviate a little bit of that homesick feeling that I  always have.

We rode the Bremerton ferry to Seattle. It took us an hour to get there and I think it was too long of a ride for my squirmy baby.

It was a pretty foggy day. It got worse towards the evening. 

Meeting Kak Rossie for the first time. She's my latest friend from Facebook and it was such a pleasure to meet her in person.

Sofia and Sarah are buddies! Sofia is our host Niza's youngest daughter.

The pretty ladies. From left: Farina, Niza (our gracious host) and Rossie. All of us are from Malaysia, except Rossie. She's a Singaporean. 

Our lunch spread. These were so delicious! FYI, I didn't make any of these. I brought steamed caramel pudding, some fruit and rojak sauce which I made with Farina the day before. I totally forgotten to take pictures of them though. 

 Close up of our main dishes

One of my favorite Malay desserts - Kuih Sagu made from pearl sago. It has been years since I've had this.

Some serious discussion is going on here.

Sarah is infatuated with Sofia.

So sweet!

Thank you so much Niza for inviting us over. I had a great time hanging out with you, Farina and Rossie. Looking forward for our next meeting!