Monday, April 7, 2014

Jan 2014

 Jan 05 2014 - Sunday morning in the basement

Jan 07 2014 - Playing in the snow 

Jan 10 2014 - Coloring

Jan 11 2014 - Dinner

Jan 19 2014 - Cheeky

Jan 23 2014 - Puzzles

Jan 25 2014 - Afternoon nap

Jan 27 2014 - Silly and messy

Jan 31 2014 - Art

Jan 31 2014 - Playground 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Backyard Circus

This was also at the State Fair. I thought that it's better to dedicate one entry just for it.

I wonder how long has this guy been working here? Daniel thinks the whole thing looks creepy and the boys are too big for that but I still think it's cool anyway especially when the boys were pumped about it.

So this was how it worked. Instead of doing all the work, the old, white hair guy asked the kids to volunteer to be in his show, and he became the ringmaster. There's a girl that became the ropewalker,  a boy that became a lion tamer, a couple of boys that became lions and tigers,  cute little girls that became pretty butterflies, and two human canon balls! Our three boys raised their hands in no time.  

Here's Ezzat waiting for his turn to put on his costume.

He's one of the tigers - gggrrroowwlll!!

Waiting for their turn to jump through a 'flaming' hoop. By this time, I began to think that probably Ezzat was infact too old for this.

 But he said he had fun. He looked shy though.

But these two guys were thrilled! They were the Human Canon Balls - the ultimate show of the afternoon!

Emir got in the canon, the ringmaster assistant 'ignited' the canon - and off he went, flying so high! (sorry, I didn't get any picture in between the transition)

Tadaaa! The Ultimate Human Canon Ball survived again, albeit a different person now :-) - it's Mr. Farhan!(what happened was Emir remained inside the canon, and Daniel carried Farhan from outside the tent and Farhan straighten up his legs and hands as if he was flying like a Superman. Sorry you guys I'm bad at explaining this part, but you get what I mean right?). I love it when Farhan took his bow. It was perfect!

There was a puppet parade (see those big tall puppets behind) after that where volunteered parents helped carried the puppets around the tent while their children walked in front of them, but we had enough so we left. 

 I love the expression of this ilama!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Emir wears glasses!

Emir has to wear glasses now, something to do with astigmatism. So here's how he looks like with them.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Merry Christmas from the Bumblebeez! Especially to Uncle Dan, Grammy, Poppy, Auntie Liz, Uncle Paul, Carly, Bree, Auntie Katherine, and oh! Not forgetting Auntie Marcelle in Netherlands. We hope all of you will have a special and wonderful day. Happy holidays!


Emir, Farhan & Ezzat =)

PS: Btw, we can't help but drew these airplanes even for Christmas cards. Mama thinks we should draw something else but we just can't. We love them too much!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Emir is 7!

Emir turns 7 last Friday, Nov 7th.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

And some cakes...

Tok (Malay for Grandma) made some cakes for Emir and Farhan last Saturday and invited some of our close relatives to come over. Yup Farhan too - he's gonna be 6 on Nov 19th. We thought it's better to combine their birthdays for the time being until they can really understand about the concept of a Birth.Day. The 2 boys were really grumpy during Ezzat's birthday party and demanded they have theirs too at the same time. So it was all good in the end that night.

One cake for Emir.

And one cake for Farhan.

And a short vid to complement.

Emir wanted to cut the cake and Tok was assisting.

And had his first bite while everybody's watching.

Ooppss..hold on mama!

It's a pretty nice yummy cake.

And Ikram loves it! He's one of the 3 cousins the boys have at the moment.

Irfan and Emir. Irfan is Ikram's brother.

And Farhan with his ever ready 'Peace' sign. He's certainly 'peaceful' that night since he got his got to blow candles 2 weeks earlier!

Ezzat's getting sleepy.

Hanging out after dinner.

Fun time!

Emir and Ezzat with their young uncles and aunties.