Sunday, November 9, 2008

And some cakes...

Tok (Malay for Grandma) made some cakes for Emir and Farhan last Saturday and invited some of our close relatives to come over. Yup Farhan too - he's gonna be 6 on Nov 19th. We thought it's better to combine their birthdays for the time being until they can really understand about the concept of a Birth.Day. The 2 boys were really grumpy during Ezzat's birthday party and demanded they have theirs too at the same time. So it was all good in the end that night.

One cake for Emir.

And one cake for Farhan.

And a short vid to complement.

Emir wanted to cut the cake and Tok was assisting.

And had his first bite while everybody's watching.

Ooppss..hold on mama!

It's a pretty nice yummy cake.

And Ikram loves it! He's one of the 3 cousins the boys have at the moment.

Irfan and Emir. Irfan is Ikram's brother.

And Farhan with his ever ready 'Peace' sign. He's certainly 'peaceful' that night since he got his got to blow candles 2 weeks earlier!

Ezzat's getting sleepy.

Hanging out after dinner.

Fun time!

Emir and Ezzat with their young uncles and aunties.


  1. Nice party; bet you slept well that night ; )

  2. Yup, I did! And woke up the next morning feeling soooo sleepy..heh

  3. Happy Birthday to Farhan and Emir. Wow- 5, 6 and 7. What an energetic household! Thanks for posting the pictures. Looks like a great time.