Friday, July 26, 2013

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Our Saturday at the park

Although living in Washington means that we have to endure grey weather pretty much 80% for most of the time (I am not even exaggerating here), but whenever the sun decides to come out, it can be really pretty out here. This weekend has been exactly that. Sunny and breezy. 

We spent half of our Saturday at the Silverdale waterfront park. I got them some donuts and milk and they were pretty much happy campers. 

Emir didn't look too good with his mouth full of donuts and it was hard to get Sarah to look at the camera.

She was still holding the same piece of donut that I gave to her earlier. She is not exactly a good eater. But she loves swings now. And don't be fooled by her serious face. For some reason whenever she's on the swing, she always have that serious business like look. 

How much fun will it be to learn how to sail?

Watching her brothers climbing up a tree.

Time to go home, not quite

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ice cream, Sun & Spring break

These are the pictures from last week when the boys had their Spring break. We had some beautiful weather for a few days, sunny skies with temperatures in the low 60s. I think it might be our best Spring so far since we moved here. Farhan was not in the pictures because he decided to stay home with Daniel.

Sarah had a taste of ice cream. Actually it was mine, but I accidentally dropped a whole big scoop of strawberry ice cream, except for its cone, on the floor. There was a little bit left inside the cone and I let her tasted it and she won't let it go. 

The park we went to, Muriel Iverson Williams Waterfront Park, Poulsbo. It's a small park, but I love the view. 

The boys love to climb this rock every time we come here. 

View of the water front

Still holding the ice cream cone. At least she let me ate it bit by bit until it was gone.

This picture pretty much summarizes how Sarah is nowadays. She hardly sits still.

Sarah loves to slide on this rock. And Emir loves to play with her. 

Thanks Auntie Aida for the shoes!

Cherry blossoms are blooming!

I think Sarah loves it.

These boys are getting so big. Emir is going to be in sixth grade soon!

Monday, February 18, 2013