Friday, November 21, 2008

Ezzat went the airport

Ezzat has been asking us to bring him to the airport to see aeroplanes. So yesterday, his Tok Wan brought him there early in the morning to catch the first flight. He's all excited, though I think he's still a bit sleepy (he slept pretty late the night before coz his young uncles came over , and they played till almost midnight and slept over at our house). And he asked me if he could bring the camera with him so he can snap some pictures. He's really into planes nowadays. Everyday he never fails to talk he about them, he draws them, when he's in the car, he's acting as if he's the pilot, he looks inside the encyclopedia for them and he looks for their pictures in the newspapers.

Here's one rather sleepy and sad? boy. He just missed his favorite plane - AirAsia! Luckily there's a consolation - a MAS waiting to depart.

A fairly new airport, just a few minutes drive from our home.

Watching the plane takes off.

And guess what Ezzat did after he came back? (He's pretty shy when I took this pic)



  1. Ezzat really draws a nice airport. Thanks Tok Wan; you're the best grandad ever!

  2. Wowww I can draw very well!! I'm amazed :-).
    It shows his passion!
    I love airports too, I must admit it...I always get excited when approaching one :-)

  3. Beautiful picture. Good work, Ezzat. When he flies across the ocean he'll be really excited, then. Nice of Tok Wan to take him to his favorite place.