Saturday, November 29, 2008

Eid-ul Fitr 2008

This post is long overdue. The next Eid which is Eid-ul Adha is coming up on Dec 8th, and only now I am putting up pics of Eid-ul Fitr. The pic above was taken the day before Eid, last day of fasting month. It was raining in the morning and I love rain especially when I drive pass by the padi field on the way to office. The padi has been harvested in September so all one can see at this time around is just water. But it's a good time to catch fresh water fish inside these plots!

People busy buying fresh meat and chickens at last minute. One can find many makeshifts stalls like this one here around the villages and town. They're mushrooming especially towards the end of the fasting season.

I love this candid shot. It's a test shot prior to the real one taken by Najib and plus we're so late for prayer at the mosque.

And hence, this is the only proper Eid family picture for this year. Not so great, plus Nabila is still in New Zealand.

Here's Farhan all smiling.

And Ezzat is happily showing his wallet full of money!

Another test shot. And this is taken at the boys' great grandparents's house at the village. They've passed away so many years ago but dad's sister and brother and his family live here. And one family is missing, another uncle who lives in Kuala Lumpur. Eid is not that fun when the Mukthi's fam are not all together. Otherwise we would have another 10 additional people in the pic!

2008 family picture.

The boys are pretty restless actually. It's probably around 3.30pm and is way past their nap time.

Next stop - Uncle Sharuddin's house. And met my cousin, Nizam with his wife and kids. Actually we visited another uncle, mom's oldest brother - Nizam's father. But I didnt get to take nice pics there. Anyway, Nizam is the one sitting next to Ezzat, and his wife is on the very left. We're all tired by this time, coz it's already late afternoon but it's still fun and plenty of yummy food!

Just hanging out, watching cartoons.

Oh dad, so busy replying text messages wishing Happy Eid.

Here's Uncle Sharuddin, on the left, with his parents - my Tok Ciks, and his wife. Tok Cik - the one in blue is mom's uncle. That makes him 2nd grandfather? I also call his wife Tok Cik. it can get pretty confusing sometimes. So there's a male Tok Cik and the female Tok Cik. Get it?

Aahh the lovely ladies. The 3 younger ones are Auntie Jah's daughters and that makes them my 2nd cousins. The one at the very right in light purple got married 2 days ago. Pictures to come later. Mom, u're closing your eyes!

And here are the gentlemen. From left, my 3rd brother Najmi, 1st cousin Nizam, my 2nd bro - Nasfi and Najib, the eldest son in the fam.

Hmm I think this is taken on 3rd day of Eid. This is my friend Laila and her daughter, Aleesha. And they came all the way from Kuala Lumpur coz Laila's hubby's hometown is in Alor Star.

One happy family.


  1. These are nifty family pictures. Why does Emir have a white hat on and the younger boys have black? Sorry, but I don't know about these things. I'm glad so many of your family could be together.

  2. The black hat which is called 'songkok' is more formal for this type of occassion. But Emir's songkok is too small for him so he has to wear the white one called 'kopiah'. Yup, Eid is one of those few times where we're able to get together like this. Just like Christmas!

  3. Glad you finally put these up. Looks like a loonnggg day. All those pictures; I felt for the Emirs ;)