Monday, October 20, 2008

Ezzat is 5!

Pictures of Ezzat when he was 1 - 2 yrs old.

2 - 3 yrs old

3 - 4 yrs old

4 -5 yrs old

So Ezzat celebrated his 5th birthday last Sunday, 19th October 08. He's been looking forward to it as birthday = more toys! I didn't really prepare anything except some goodie bags for his friends at school coz we just came back that Saturday night from attending my brother's engagement ceremony in KL and getting some documents for the visa. He got some presents from his principal, Mr Khoo, or Uncle Kool as Ezzat calls him and he's soooo happy when I came to fetch him at his kindergarten. Unfortunately I misplaced my camera so I missed a truly Kodak moment (I found it later under the car seat after 3 days of searching). Anyway, we had an impromptu birthday celebration for him that night although I was terribly exhausted from the trip back to Alor Star especially when I have these 3 bumblebeez who kept buzzing all the way (the whole journey is about 450km). Called up my brothers, but only one made it. And Auntie Aida - yay!

Here's the birthday boy. He looks much better with long hair.

Ezzat with his uncle, Najmi.

Grinning coz he got to put the candles.

His choice of cake. Luckily there's a bakery next to the restaurant.

Ezzat with Auntie Aida...and a present from her!

And here's a video of the happy boy.


  1. Oh, Happy Birthday to Ezzat. What a great day for him.

  2. I can't believe I first met Ezzat when he was 3 and now he's already five. . . .geez! looks like a good party; sweet cake!

  3. Grammy:

    Yep, he was so happy that day. His brothers were all grumpy though coz they couldn't understand why they have to wait for their turn.


    You met him when he was 3 1/2 yrs old. Not that long...the cake turned out to be a sponge cake with some butter icing. But as long as we had a cake that night! And we're all wished you're here!

  4. Love to see the pics. It's always great to see a birthday child, it makes them so radiant :-)
    And I love your collage of life pics of Ezzat. Haha, we should do that of ourselves as well ;-)