Sunday, September 28, 2008

Eid in 2 days!

I'm at the office, still. When everyone else..(almost) seems to already be in Eid mood. Luckily my assistant Ina still turns up to work, happily singing along to Eid songs on the radio since early morning. Emir has started his school holidays yesterday for a week while Ezzat and Farhan still go to their kindergarten which is already 90% empty by the way. AndI rather them spend some time learning something over there rather than at the laundry shop watching Ultraman the whole day. Luckily they don't protest!

One good thing this year, I don't have to join the frenzied traffic on the highway unlike the past 13 years coz I am already in Alor Star! Though I kinda miss all the excitement of going back to my 'kampung' (Kampung = village). It's always been very bad this time of the year, when people rush to go back to their hometown and traffic jam will always be massive, and cars will stuck for hours on highway. Along the way to office these few days, I saw many cars parked along the road side, the drivers stopped to buy fresh meat from instant mushrooming small stalls. And then there are lemang sellers everywhere. Lemang is a delicacy and one will usually find it only during Eid. It's made from glutinous rice, and instead of water, it's cooked with coconut milk, barbecued in hollowed bamboo stick. Yummy to be eaten with rendang which is another delicacies. Rendang is a dish, we either use white or red meat or vegetables even, cooked with some herbs and spices, chilies and coconut milk, slowly simmered so that the meat becomes tender and the liquid is almost gone, and the flavor of all the ingredients are nicely infused together. It takes hours, but the result is worth all the waiting. I'll take some pictures if I come across any of these later.

By the way, I still have many pictures need to be uploaded. Do you guys still want to see them? It's been quite a long time and they may not be that fun anymore to see...heh..I'm such a lazy bum when it comes to uploading coz it takes such a long time sometimes.

Anyway, here are some family pictures taken on morning of Eid last year. Mom always want the color to be coordinated so you'll see some sort of uniforms in here hehe. Nabila (my little sister) is missing though since she's in Auckland and will still be there until end of this year. I went to the tailor yesterday and my Eid dress is not ready yet coz the tailor's mom-in-law just passed away last week. But she said she'll try her best to make it ready by the 30th. So let's hope it will be ready by then. It's a tradition to wear new traditional clothes on morning of Eid. The boys already have theirs since mom bought for them. And Uncle Daniel has one too actually. Not sure if it fits him though. Too bad he's can't join us this year. Next year perhaps? :=)

Ezzat 's playing 'bunga api' on eve of 2007 Eid.

A picture of Mukthi's Fam plus Yati on morning of 2007 Eid. Notice the colorful envelopes that Farhan's holding? Kids get money in packets like that instead of presents - we call it 'duit raya'. I miss those days when I was still entitled to that huhu. Really fun days with all the $$$$! Nab's missing. Adik!.....Next year boleh join balik naaaaaaa.

Just us.

Hanging out before going back to Dad's village in Jitra.

Cheeky boys, happy to get duit raya!

Aaahhhh..this is the larger version of the Mukthi's clan at my Wan's house at our village. Almost all of my uncles and aunties are here, except for one with his wife. Wan (grand dad) and Tok (grandma) already passed away so many years ago. Dad's the eldest in the family, with 3 other brothers and 2 sisters. See how the boys outnumbered the girls? I think that's explain my 3 boys? Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of mom's side of the family. Hope to get some this year.

The heroes.


  1. What great pictures of your family! Thanks for posting these.

  2. Great pictures again :-))
    And I am getting soo hungry from the food you are describing, it all sounds very yummie!!

    I can imagine it must be heavy traffic around Eid, everyone going home. And I can imagine too that it feels exciting at the same time, all people going the same way :-)

    Hope you did have a good Eid!! And of course I'd love to see pictures!

    X sorry that my envelope did not arrive with you :-(. Hope it will still do...maybe it has taken the scenic route?