Wednesday, July 21, 2010


July 6, 2010

We had our breakfast at Akane Cafe. Daniel likes the place so we decided to go there for the last time. I've been there once with my father and Daniel the second day we arrived on the island.There's nothing fancy about the menu but the price is pretty cheap. 

Classic look of the menu board

My choice - toast, hash brown and sunny side up egg

The simple interior

So, if any of you guys were to visit the island one day, do drop by at this place and give it a try :-)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Moving Day, Bubbles & Boredom

We've moved out from our apartment and currently homeless :-). I'm feeling as if I have not been sleeping for days with what's going on around us at the moment. Currently, I'm writing this from our hotel room, which we just got into last night at almost 11.30pm. I'll tell you about it in the next post. As for now, enjoy some pictures I took on the moving day.   

The movers did a pretty good job. Friendly people. It took several hours to complete the whole thing. What's not fun was to wait for the whole thing to finish and to keep an eye on the kids at the same time and make sure they're not in the way.

We decided to play water bubbles.
It's not easy for the boys to stay outside at the parking lot playing quietly. But they did a pretty god job considering it took several hours.

More bubbles

Happy face.

And all sorts of faces.

 2 brothers playing together.

And their many antics.

Almost done

I got to talk to this nice old lady  for awhile at our balcony while waiting for the movers to finish packing. I hardly talked to anybody there just because ...ehem..I'm shy. But if anybody were to come and talk to me, I would definitely talk to them :-). So this lady, who is a Filipina, first came to this island 14 years ago with her 4 daughters and now that the daughters are all married and have their own lives, she said it's time for her to go home and spend the rest of her life there. 

View of the boys from the balcony.

What's left

Time for some popsicles aka aiskrim Malaysia

And turning over a new leaf with our move.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Great Weekend

We had a great time staying at a cottage in Kaneohe Bay last weekend, thanks to Daniel's friend and wife, Joe and Lin, for inviting us over. And I got a new camera (early anniversary present :-) thanks D!) - I'm turning into a shutter bug instantly and loving it. So please bare with me as this is going to be quite a long entry since I took hundreds of photos this time and I had a hard time selecting them to put on here. 

Some of the food that we had. The cottage is well equipped -  fridge, oven, stove, pots and pans and cooking utensils - I love it! I'm glad to do the prep at home though. And I had a great time with Lin helping me in the kitchen.

Dinner time at the patio.

The gentlemen played Uno before bed time.

 View from the patio early in the morning. Lovely!

 Breakfast with some goofy kids.

Some interesting things we found during our low-tide adventure. The last picture on the bottom right, I don't know exactly what that is, my guess is that it's a huge sea cucumber.


 Mr. Farhan

Mr. Ezzat

Some sea creatures

The cottage

The beach and the water

 Ready to snorkel 

Love the color of the sky

Looking for hermit crabs


Getting ready

To sail

On the way to the boy's secret hideout

And they took it seriously by guarding the entrance. 

And this is it!

Fun time was over :-(

Well, maybe not.

Then it's lunch time.

Which consisted of leftovers from the night before - vegie burgers, curry puffs and peach cheesecake.

One the way, we stopped at a lookout with this nice view of the Kaneohe Bay.

Kaneohe Bay

Good bye K.Bay...

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Backyard Circus

This was also at the State Fair. I thought that it's better to dedicate one entry just for it.

I wonder how long has this guy been working here? Daniel thinks the whole thing looks creepy and the boys are too big for that but I still think it's cool anyway especially when the boys were pumped about it.

So this was how it worked. Instead of doing all the work, the old, white hair guy asked the kids to volunteer to be in his show, and he became the ringmaster. There's a girl that became the ropewalker,  a boy that became a lion tamer, a couple of boys that became lions and tigers,  cute little girls that became pretty butterflies, and two human canon balls! Our three boys raised their hands in no time.  

Here's Ezzat waiting for his turn to put on his costume.

He's one of the tigers - gggrrroowwlll!!

Waiting for their turn to jump through a 'flaming' hoop. By this time, I began to think that probably Ezzat was infact too old for this.

 But he said he had fun. He looked shy though.

But these two guys were thrilled! They were the Human Canon Balls - the ultimate show of the afternoon!

Emir got in the canon, the ringmaster assistant 'ignited' the canon - and off he went, flying so high! (sorry, I didn't get any picture in between the transition)

Tadaaa! The Ultimate Human Canon Ball survived again, albeit a different person now :-) - it's Mr. Farhan!(what happened was Emir remained inside the canon, and Daniel carried Farhan from outside the tent and Farhan straighten up his legs and hands as if he was flying like a Superman. Sorry you guys I'm bad at explaining this part, but you get what I mean right?). I love it when Farhan took his bow. It was perfect!

There was a puppet parade (see those big tall puppets behind) after that where volunteered parents helped carried the puppets around the tent while their children walked in front of them, but we had enough so we left. 

 I love the expression of this ilama!