Monday, July 5, 2010

Moving Day, Bubbles & Boredom

We've moved out from our apartment and currently homeless :-). I'm feeling as if I have not been sleeping for days with what's going on around us at the moment. Currently, I'm writing this from our hotel room, which we just got into last night at almost 11.30pm. I'll tell you about it in the next post. As for now, enjoy some pictures I took on the moving day.   

The movers did a pretty good job. Friendly people. It took several hours to complete the whole thing. What's not fun was to wait for the whole thing to finish and to keep an eye on the kids at the same time and make sure they're not in the way.

We decided to play water bubbles.
It's not easy for the boys to stay outside at the parking lot playing quietly. But they did a pretty god job considering it took several hours.

More bubbles

Happy face.

And all sorts of faces.

 2 brothers playing together.

And their many antics.

Almost done

I got to talk to this nice old lady  for awhile at our balcony while waiting for the movers to finish packing. I hardly talked to anybody there just because ...ehem..I'm shy. But if anybody were to come and talk to me, I would definitely talk to them :-). So this lady, who is a Filipina, first came to this island 14 years ago with her 4 daughters and now that the daughters are all married and have their own lives, she said it's time for her to go home and spend the rest of her life there. 

View of the boys from the balcony.

What's left

Time for some popsicles aka aiskrim Malaysia

And turning over a new leaf with our move.


  1. moving already to the mainland? owh wait? did I spell that as though you're returning back to china?! Hahahaha ...

  2. Hey Nadiah! Thanks again for the pics, look forward to seeing more on your blog. You are an awesome photographer, it really seems to be your calling. Eleanor misses the boys and had a great time with them. Next time we're in Seattle we'll drop a line -


  3. Abang - ya lor, sudah pindah mainland. Bila mau datang?

  4. Hi Laurie! Great to see you here :-) We had such a great time in Dillon. And Eleanor is such an awesome, smart girl. The boys had a great time with her. Really looking forward to see you guys again soon! And oh can you please send my regard to Mr. Del? Thanks!

  5. So *love* your pics :)
    I can imagine you felt homeless for a while. I was too when living in the hotel before moving into this apartment. Sometimes I still do since I feel like living in between two countries lol.
    Ehem... I'm shy too! How come we met?? LOL. I know what you mean though, I'm finding it really hard to network here as well, new life means a great pressure doesn't it. But I guess we will manage eventually!
    I loved reading and watching this moving journey... you captured it all from some interesting viewing points!

  6. How did we met? Hmmmm I know it was back in 2005, and it's already 2010! Imagine that - almost 5 years, wow! I think I registered at this penpal site, can't remember now what it's called, and you replied to my add to become friends.