Thursday, December 2, 2010

Let It Snow!

We were excited to get our first snow here last week. But with that, came the unexpected - snow storm and power outage... for 40 HOURS (power outage that is)! The temperature inside the house was around 40 something F (8-10C). We even saw our own breath, which was actually fun for the first few minutes before we started to feel extremely cold and grumpy. By we, I mean me in particular. Took some pictures as usual so here you go :-)

Having fun in the snow while waiting for the school bus

Happily off to school. Little did they know the school would be closed for the rest of the week

Stark contrast between winter and fall. Love the colors.

Our backyard. I haven't mulch my garden yet :-(

Rake and my flip flops were still outside. Random pics but I personally think they gave a nice contrast against the white snow.

Playing snowball anyone? This was taken the next day after the storm. The sky was super clear, and the sun was out and the snow started to melt a bit but the power was still out. Darn.

Our neighbors next door are super nice people. I woke up  the next morning and saw them shoveling the snow off our driveway and walkways. They also spread salt over the cleared area to avoid icing. How nice is that?!  They said that since we just moved from Hawaii, they figured that we didn't have proper tools to do the job so they helped. In return I gave them some curry puffs and cupcakes to say thank you.

Fun time outside using socks as gloves to throw snowballs at each other.

We didn't want to stay inside the house as it's too cold so we went to Island Lake instead. Remember Island Lake from my previous entry? It's cold too but at least we're outside with much nicer view to see and enjoy. Plus I want to take some pictures of the lake in winter. This road that we had to take to the lake was very slippery and had a thin layer of ice on it. Going down the hill was pretty tricky and we had to drive really slow but going up was worse. And on the way back, the car kept sliding down so we had to take a different route. Some people had to leave their cars at the road side the night before as it was too dangerous to drive.

This was totally unplanned. We have this tarp in the car for a long time and once we saw this slope, the idea  to use it to slide down the hill just popped up. Climbing up the slope was pretty tricky for the kids though. The boys had fun before they started complaining about their socks cum gloves got wet and didn't want to play anymore.

Pretty views. The lake was partially frozen and some ducks were still in the water

The snow didn't last. Still freezing cold  but back to the ol' rainy day for most of the days


  1. Hi Nadia...

    Ini Jue...if ingat lagila...kita sama kat PPP dulu n if u still remember, Aku, hg, Yan, laila from MARA kena p Parlimen sempena MARA'simposium...FYI...hg kenai Marina Esme kan (jiran aku sebelah menyebelah kat blok 5 dulu)...she's become my cousin now after i married to her cousin, Ony. Tak sangka. Terror hg masak..salutela!...bule share resipi skali tau...Anyway...u take care there k. Salam from Putrajaya.

  2. Salam Jue, check your blog. I wrote something on there. Tumpang singgah, terus tulis skali kan. Let's keep in touch!

  3. Amazing pictures. Made me feel cold here in Malaysia. Hehe... Your boys are adorable :)

    Hi from Teeny!

  4. heh kakak ... jom pi umrah lak .. next year perhaps .. hang setting ngan daniel jumpak kat saudi ....

  5. Woh sejuk gila nampak. Brapa degrees? Kak tadi ada call from kawan adik. Dia ada kaitan ngan Bunkface productions yang band nyanyi2 tuu.

    Dia cakap depa nak bukak kedai so depa nak request adik buat 50 plushies. Tapi depa nak harga murah ja. Mula tu depa mintak rm5. HMPH jahit tangann heloo. Pehtu adik cakap bawah rm20, then depa mintak bawah rm10. Huhuhu nak murah, maka kena buat cara yang murah lerr. Design adik nak buat simple ja. Tak design sgt pon more like ambik ja shape apa yg ada.

    Adik plan nak buat raindrop yang tebalik, pehtu boh yg googly eyes yang boleh gerak2 tu. Senanggg. And maybe bentuk square, oval sekerat. Haha simple gila, tadak detail pon xcept for the eyes.

    Nanti adik siap adik boh gambaq. k bye

  6. Such great and fun photos!! And beautiful ones too. You can see the fun in their eyes :). The snowball photo is my favourite. The power outage sounds aweful though!! At this time of the year!
    And how sweet of your neighbours! Very kind of them to do that!

  7. Teeny - Assalamualaikum and hi!
    Abang - Hang nak sponsor ka :p? We want to go back to Malaysia first.
    Adik - La ni kat luaq around 10C. Tapi lately ni sunny la pulak although sejuk.

  8. Hi Marcelle! Love you comment as always :-)

  9. nadiah ..kalau hang balik mesia call aku tau !!! rindu aa kat hang ...