Friday, December 10, 2010

Fun at the Wickhams - Part 1

We went to Aunt Barbara's house somewhere in Portland for Thanksgiving which was the next day after the snow storm and power outage. Aunt Barbara is Daniel's auntie from his dad's side. We spent 2 nights there but the first night didn't really count that much since we arrived very late at night. I'll tell you why later. But it was all so much fun! They have this nice big place called  Blueberry Hollow, which is to me is like a small farm with some chickens that lay organic eggs, goats that provide fresh goat milk and meat, a cute little horse which has a name but I forgot, 2 funny geese, and a dog named Andy and oh some 60 something blueberry trees! Or is it 100 trees?  I'm not sure but anyway the blueberries are available for u-pick in summer. Thanks to Aunt Barbara and Uncle John and Asif, their Muslim neighbor, we're able to enjoy some halal turkey and goat meat. I love their house especially the yard, the spacious living room and the huge kitchen. There'll be some photo overload just because I took zillions of pictures and had a hard time to choose which one to put on here. Probably I'll divide this entry to 2 parts so you guys won't get bored, we'll see how it goes.

Front view. Inside the little barn opposite the cars is where you can find fresh goat milk and organic eggs for  sale and it's based on honor system so you can just leave money or checks in the jar provided. Next to the barn is the chicken house.

Look at that handsome couple! They're sure know how to pose for a picture

These two are pretty eccentric and funny, especially the brown one. Just look at how he walks.  Actually I'm not sure if it's really a 'he', nobody really knows for sure. As for now, I assume it is just because he likes to show off and acts as if he wants to chase you. But when you start flapping your arms and stare at him to show dominance over him, he turns around. Silly goose :-)

How awesome is the backyard?!

This is like giving you guys a tour right? Imagine how much fun it would be during summer, having BBQ outside etc

Aren't they cute?

The goat shed. I say they have pretty cool place to live :-) The boy in yellow snow hat is John, Aunt Barbara's son

The horse! Now I remember -his name is Rusty...I think

I'm pretty sure in summer this plot here would be full of fresh veggies. Look at that parsley and that's in winter people!

Blueberry bushes in their dormant state in winter

Does anybody know what kind of fruit is this? It looks like persimmon to me.

Let's go inside the house. It's pretty chilly out here.

First stop, upstairs to check what the boys were doing. They had fun for sure with the big boys. I think there were 10 boys in total.

Farhan decided he needed some time alone to play with the nerf gun. That was the most popular toy that day.

The adults meanwhile chose to simply chill before the other guests arrived.

Somewhere in between, I went to Aunt Barbara to this place to find some holly for table decorations. It was a nice short walk.

The holly that we picked, well Aunt Barbara actually. I just watched.

 Yellow and red, love the contrast.


  1. Ooooowwww girlie... this all looks soooo cool! I loved walking this journey with you and now long to that kind of life! I love the house and the grounds, even the sign ;)
    And the holly is so lovely... it's something that gives that kind of the December feeling right away for me!
    I don't know whether you managed to show us all pics already otherwise I'd say: keep them coming ;).
    Love it!!

  2. HI Marcelle, I have tons of pics that I have not put up on here. Just need to find time to do that. I love it when you visit so keep on visiting :-)