Monday, December 13, 2010

Fun at the Wickhams - Part 2

The lovely chefs. They are the sisters of Daniel's dad.

Goat meat on the grill

 I'm in love with this huge industrial like kitchen with wood floors, stainless steel  appliances and over sized windows that let brilliant sunshine in.

 Pumpkin, walnut, coconut and cranberry casserole waiting to be baked.

This would be deep-fried. Yum!

Saw these two gentlemen practicing

Can't help myself from taking random pictures since the lighting was great

The deep fried turkey in progress!

Cute Aunt Dottie was out for some fresh air

Another random pictures

View of the living room cum dining place for Thanksgiving from upstairs

Aunt Dottie preparing white rice topped with wild rice

I'm not sure who brought the green bean casserole. I'm never a huge fan of green beans and never had this kind of casserole before but this is pretty good. Excuse the poor lighting. It doesn't do justice to the dish.

The turkey came out perfect. Aunt Dottie made some sweet walnut dressing that went well with the bird, I'm not sure what else went in there but to me, it's great. Here Aunt Barbara was pouring cranberry sauce out from the cans into the bowls and cutting cranberry jelly into small pieces. The only time I've ever had cranberry sauce was at Ikea in KL and that was with Swedish meatballs. The jelly reminds me of agar-agar and now I feel like having rose flavored agar-agar with evaporated milk and canned tropical mixed fruit. Sedapnya.

The glorious deep fried turkey

 We all said what we are thankful for

The Wickham's neighbors, Asif and Annie. Thanks to Asif, Aunt Barbara, Uncle John and another neighbor Tomas, we're able to enjoy some good turkey and goat. Most importantly for us, they're halal. Uncle John also asked Asif to say some short prayer before we started devouring all the great stuff.

These make me want to fast forward the time to next year and help myself with another full plate goodness.

Attempting to make all these in one day was madness. Just because I've never bake as much. I did plan to spread the work over several days but this time I'm blaming it on the blackout.

Andy the dog got excited to see an ilama and started chasing it. I think it's too much for the ilama and the poor guy had to go home

They didn't look so thrill when I asked them to stop playing to take some pictures

Lovely couple - Sam and his girlfriend, Robin. Sam is Daniel's cousin.

Aunt Dottie with her daughter, Briana

And then the whole family picture - Uncle Don, Briana and Aunt Dottie

Aunt Barbara busy putting the leftovers away. I just realized that I did not have any picture of the Wickhams as a whole family. I'm so sorry!

More random pictures. The cheese and cracker platter was really good.

Everybody helped to put the living room back to it's original cozy state.

What started as a simple 'jamming' session between Daniel and Uncle John turned out to a full blast where almost everybody started grabbing something to play with. Fun! Thank you Aunt Barbara and Uncle John for inviting us. It was great to have the opportunity to meet with the other Bonnin families and we all look forward to meet you guys again soon.


  1. Nadiah, What a wonderful description of the Wickham Thanksgiving! And the pictures! Thank you for them. I wish I had been there. We had about 30 people also . . in my tiny kitchen and too small dining room! Looking forward to meeting you and boys and seeing my handsome grandson again.

  2. Hai kakak. Maybe if ever adik kawin, kakak ja la tangkap gambaq adik ahahha sep duit hihihihi

  3. Hi Granny! Thank you for visiting :-)I love to read your comment. I'm very sure spending time with you is going to be great and we're so looking forward to that.

  4. Hai Adik, aaaa ya, kalau tak suruh pun kakak tangkap jugak. Kena habaq 2 tahun awai naaaa, boleh save duit nak balik.

  5. Hahahah camana nak abaq 2 taun awai. Hahaha gila awai nak bagitau. Adik pon taktau bila saja ja cakap hihi. Dak la kalo kak tangkap leh la arah2 nak cemana2 ahahaha and boleh sep duit hihi memandangkan kita taste lebih kurang sama. Kalo dak adik nak suruh kwn adik tgkap dah kena bayaq ribu riban plak hu hu. haha saja ja memain

  6. I'm sooooo hungry now!! Really enjoyed this journey with you once again. I love the photos and you are so right the light was wonderful! It must have been such a great Thanksgiving for you all. The photos beam from the joy :)

  7. I don't mind brianna you know :-)