Sunday, November 28, 2010

Awesome gifts and birthday

I promise that this is going to be my final entry about birthdays for this year. And this one is for Mr. Farhan. He turned eight 10 days ago and I didn't really have time to sit down and write and upload all the photos with all  the things that had happened in the past weeks. I can't really say which one took more time, but they're pretty much made me sound like 'Jill of all trades, master of none' kind of person. Poppy sent the kids super cool gifts and they LOVE it. They also got some awesome Legos from Auntie Cheri all the way from Malaysia but I didn't take any photos of them amidst all the chaos of cooking, opening the Lego boxes and putting them together. So thank you so much to Poppy and Auntie Cheri! 

These cute little critters have their own names. The red one is Nino, the one that looks like a grasshopper is Leopold and there's Talullah in purple. These bugs can jump and fly pretty high. We pressed them against a smooth clean surface until the suction cups on the bottom grabbed on to it. After a few seconds waiting, the suction cups were released and the critters jumped off to another place. Fun!

Here are Bonga, Zecar and Pintacuda. These windups and the bugs are all from Kikkerland.

Birthday boy eating dinner which consisted of herbed basmathi rice, steamed green beans, turmeric sticky rice and beef rendang. He loved them especially the sticky rice.

He hated this though

He didn't seem to mind that these were pink. I just used whatever that was left in the fridge so I ended up making vanilla cupcakes with blueberry cream cheese frosting.


    Kem salam kat dia. Wuwuwu kak next year adik nak pi Melbourne ngan Zai. Dia ada present research paper dia kat sana. Adik nak pi menyebok jalan2 ja hihihi

    Taun depan azam nak buat byk duit. Adik nak juai balik bebenda tapi slowly. Asaikan dapat duit keh keh

  2. Zai buat research paper apa yang boleh sampai pi Melbourne tu? Nak pi berapa hari? Aaa nanti kakak call boleh sembang pasai adik nak buat apa. Kakak nak tumpag sekaki hehe

  3. whoaa .. happy birthday, farhan! pak chaq rindiew! .. bleh dak .. only now rindiew :P

  4. Belated happy birthday :)
    Great photos again!!
    The little critters are indeed very cute! Very interesting to read they are from Kikkerland though. It sounded so familiar and when I looked it up, it turned out one of my neighbours back home is one of the owners lol. I *love* their designs!!