Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Emir is 9!

Another birthday entry! Emir turned 9 last Sunday and we took him and his brothers to the Naval Undersea Museum nearby our house. He also got a dvd that has something to do with Star Wars game which I don't have any clue on how to play, in which he is allowed to play - at certain times on certain days, only when he fulfills a few conditions we have set for him. So don't worry. 

Actually we started our day pretty late that day. I had to go to the commissary to get a few things to make the birthday cake, and Emir had to get a haircut since it started to look messy and made his head looked bigger. And in between that time, Daniel took the birthday boy to Target to get the dvd game that he wanted. So by the time we got home for lunch, it was already 2pm and the museum opens until 4pm so there's no way for us to have lunch first and then go to the museum. So the plan changed, I stayed at home to prepare lunch and the cake and sushi for dinner (requested by Mr Emir) and all the 4 boys went to the museum. And the kitchen was in total mess by the end of the day, with chocolate ganache all over the place. I should have picked a much easier recipe for the cake or at least prepare the filling or the cakes one day earlier. Dinner ended way passed the kids bed time and we did the birthday song in less than 3 seconds that sounded like a fast-forward Alvin & the Chipmunk's recording, in which during that period also covered blowing out candles. Hardly any pictures were taken but whatever that we have, they're here for you to enjoy :-).

Emir with a new hair cut. The only picture that I took of him that night. And we have to get him new glasses too since it's broken.

Ezzat wished Emir Happy Birthday and gave Emir a hug before going to bed. I guess he was very sleepy since he said no to the cake. On the other hand, Mr Farhan happily ate his portion and tried to stay up as long as he could. Of course it was limited, only until he finished his cake, brushed his teeth, and gave each of us a hug. 

I love natural light. It makes so much difference to the pictures I take.


  1. Cewah ada video skarang siap boh lagu keh keh keh. Anyway happy birthday Emir. Sorry maksu lupa nak call. The day before tu adik yang suruh abah call. Then after that lupa dah. Kem salam kat Emir ngan Daniel ngan semua.

  2. Saja ja try suka-suka. Dari hari tu tengok yang adik buat masa grad kat auckland tu kakak nak try gak tapi tak try-try pun sampai kelmarin. Adik guna program apa?

  3. weii ..pandai nya hang buat cake and such ..terliuq aku tgk ..nak pi jauh sangat....

  4. Adik guna windows movie maker ajooo

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Emir & Ezzat!! Baru terjumpa blog kau ni Nad. By the way, my latest baby pun nama Emir.. :)

  6. awww ... a video! ... "should we fire the torpedoes?" hahahaha!