Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ezzat's Birthday

Birthday - it has always been a low-key event for us. For Ezzat's birthday, apart from taking him on the Boeing tour a few days before his actual birthday, I made him some cupcakes on his birthday and cooked dinner as usual.

Ezzat decorated the cupcakes with tiny chocolate rice balls and whoppers and was pumped about it.


This reminded me of a picture I took on Eid

Silly boy

We used a normal candle just for the sake of having a candle for him to blow. Cheapskate? Probably, but it worked =)

This boy looked so grown up


  1. salam! happy birthday to Ezzat!
    the cupcakes terribly look awesome! own recipe? mind sharing? =D

  2. Thanks =) The recipe is from Simply Recipe - just look for Double Vanilla recipe.

  3. He does look grown up!! Wow :)
    And you are such a great cook. Love the cupcakes but also the dinner pics. Yumm!

  4. Hi Marcelle, I love it when you write in here! :-)

  5. Adik, berapa ringgit lagi nak kena kumpui nak mai sini? Hehehe.. Kelmarin dulu kakak pi kedai secondhand ok la jugak. Ada beli satu dress buat dok kat rumah sebab Daniel kata kakak selalu pakai seluaq macam tomboy ja :p. Mai sini cepat kita pi shopping aaa.

  6. Hahaha adei tak dak duit la kak oi sebab dok kena bayaq duit keta. Tak brapa nak boleh nak sep sangat. And bayaq duit mak lagi hu hu nanti la sabaq haaaaa

    Oh nanti if ever kalo adik pi kat kak kan, adik ada baju yang kak leh pakai dok umah. Maxi dress tp ngan adik dia singkat so adik buat pakai tidoq ja heheh nanti kak amik la