Monday, June 22, 2009

Thank you Grammy!

Terima kasih Grammy for sending us these cool cowboy hats! We got them last Friday =).

Not sure what they're talking about in this picture but Ezzat is pretending he is riding a horse with that box, and his brothers wants to do the same thing.

This boy is the only one who can sit still for a few seconds, enough for me to take this picture.

Also the very same day earlier , we went to Penang to pick up the medical report for my visa interview next week (We already went there the week before for the check up and thank god I only got 2 jabs and the kids none =)). And since we got there pretty early, we decided to go to the beach first. My sister, Nabila and Dad also followed us coz dad wanted to pick up his guitar at the port and Nab still has a few days left before she has to go back to her college.

This is a one happy boy.

This is also another happy boy.

Something is bothering these two. Notice Ezzat's face.

The wave was pretty strong that day.

Cute not so little foot prints.

I think we all had a great time on the beach that day even though we only spent like only an hour there.

Here's something I'm working on right now. Nab thinks the thread color is too pale. Do you think the same?


  1. Beautiful work, Nadiah. Don't change a thing.

    Glad the boys like their hats.

  2. The boys look so cute with their cowboy hats....though I think they'd rather look cool than cute I guess ;-)

    It's so great to play on the that!

    I love your looks so delicate! It's great :-)

  3. Thanks guys! I was thinking about taking off everything at first since I didn't sew that much yet but after seeing the comments, I won't now. =)

  4. Ya la nadee, dah chantek le tu. Look sweet je. No need to change anything. Tak kan nak color garang sangat.