Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Syikin's wedding

My cousin Syikin got married 2 weeks ago. A very simple ceremony, started with the 'akad nikah' (wedding solemnization) at the mosque a few days before the wedding feast.

The groom is the one sitting with off white/cream shirt. And I forgot to take Syikin's picture but don't worry you'll get to see her in the next entry =).

This is the 'sirih junjung', a must gift from the groom. It's comprises of betel nut leaves and accompaniments such as various kind of nice smelling flowers - jasmines & roses etc, star anise, cinnamon sticks just to name a few. I should have labeled my previous entry on this one coz I did write a pretty detail description about it.

Female guests at the other side.

My latest nephew! This one looks like a Japanese isn't it? So cute!

Emir seems a bit lost?

The electricity was out throughout the entire ceremony, but luckily mom brought her fan although she did look slightly irritated when I took this picture. But hey, look at that baby! He sure know how to pose =)

Mr Farhan is always ready for a pose.

Poor Ezzat sweating profusely.

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  1. Oww...everyone in beautiful clothes and then the electricity decides to get off. So annyoing ;-).
    I love the pic of Mr Farhan!