Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Wow! It's been over a month since my last post! Actually, there's not so much going on in the world of the Bumblebeez either. But since someone did actually ask me to write more *wink*wink* I figured I should make a quick update =).

In a whirlwind, here's what has been going on around recently...

1. Today is the last day of midterm exam for Emir and Farhan. Yay!! The boys are looking forward to have their 2 weeks break especially Emir. Sometimes I wonder if school is not that exciting for him. I know for a fact that the system here is too exam-oriented and everything is counted based on the exam result and sometimes it creates stress on the children. Is it a right thing to ask a kid how many As can he/she produce everytime the exam is over? I think not.

2. We're at the last stage of our visa application. It's been over 6 months now since we first submitted the paperwork for the K-1 visa. I already got the last important document, which is the police report for my background check, and that alone took almost 2 months! I am waiting for the last package to come from the U.S Embassy in Kuala Lumpur which will contain my interview date! Wish me luck =)

3. And hence, I've tendered my resignation letter last 2 days, and my last day at work is on June 18th. That would give me more time to spend with the boys before going to Hawaii most probably in July, hopefully. The not so good part is that I have to be away from them for a couple of months until everything is ready. And I think that is very important.

4. Here's a Peach Yoghurt Flan that I made last night. I made one last week too but it didn't turned out that great coz the fresh mangos that I used were rather light in flavor and it turned out pretty bland for the flan. Mom said I should use mango concentrate/puree. Using peaches (canned) turned out much better. I never bake or do any of this kind of stuff until just recently, specifically for the past 2 months. I was never interested to help mom in the kitchen whenever she's baking. But last months, I was putting all my magazines and books in the box and I saw all these pretty pictures of mouth watering recipes and I am really interested to give them a try now. This one below, is a still a WIP.

5. We had a sleepover at the orchard last weekend. It's actually our first time spending time at night there. My friend, Cheri joined us along with my parents. We had BBQ and me and Cheri spent some girlie time after that watching some chick flicks. And I love morning time there!

At 7.15am

Sunrise at 7.30am!

View from the hall.

Farhan with Auntie Cheri.

Doe-eyed boy.

And here's a video that I took while waiting for the sunrise.

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  1. Another one who loves reading your news :-)
    I love mornings as well: so peaceful and quiet, the photos are soo great btw.
    Wish the boys a wonderful break, I still remember the exciting feeling of the last school day before a break ;-). I agree with you though about the effect of stress that school systems can have on children. I don't think it is that good either.
    Hope your visa application process won't take too long anymore. Talking about stressful ;-)! And then leaving your boys behind won't be easy either.
    Your flan looks awesome! I haven't been baking for a long long time. Should do that again in my new life lol.