Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Orchard

The renovation at dad's house at the orchard is completed now and he bought some second hand furnitures to fill it up. It's a simple, no frill sort of house which dad bought from someone and he transferred it all the way from Alor Setar to the orchard by a huge truck probably. I don't exactly like the color scheme but at the end it looks cosy enough for us to hang out whenever we feel like it especially during fruit season which is coming really soon. So looking forward to hand pick mangosteens!

The front view of the house.

The pathway leading to the house. Those trees you see are a mix of fruit trees like Cempedak and Dokong.

Views from various angles from the front porch.

Dad staring at the river from the verandah.

This is the kitchen. I took this picture when we had a small sort of house warming gathering/feast last 2 weeks. Not sure what to call it in English. What we did was to call some relatives, my parents's friends and some nearby villagers and we have a special Quran (Yassin) recitation that evening to show gratitude and ask for blessing and then some simple feast after that. By the way, it's also held because dad and mom were going to Mecca a few days after that to perform minor Haj.

I love these old plates that dad collected.

And this old painting too! See the frame with chipped paint? Dad just want to leave it as it is coz he said it makes it look more authentic.

Some of my aunts who came earlier than the rest of the guests, sitting at the verandah. It's nice and breezy that day since it rained earlier. And we had a really heavy downpour later that night but the guests still came =).

The boys as always love to goof around and that night, they really had their time jumping on the bed and running around the house.

A more subdued Farhan later on. And the guests at the back were having their meal. In villages, most of the time, we just sit on the floor to eat. This is actually an old picture from last year during fruit season. I totally forgotten about it until I browsed my picture folders recently and boy I have so many pictures that I have not put up in here. Anyway, since these pictures are all related to the orchard, I might as well put them up now. So these 4 pictures above, I took them when I got lost on my way to dad's orchard. I got confused between the 2 exits at the highway and I ended being at the end of this one road which lead me to this waterfall. So I took a quick tour to see what it's like.

Always take a mosquito repellent with you. Mosquitoes are just so mean.

Abandoned huts ; 2 extra tanned boys.

A bird eye chili tree.

I love the smell of lime leaves.
Dokong trees and fruits, which is a variety of another fruit called Langsat. I'm always confused between these 2. Anyway, they're abundant! Last year we simply gave away bags and bags of this fruit to simply everybody. The fruit itself is sweet, just be careful not to bite the seed from the bigger pips coz that part is pretty bitter.

How it looks like without the skin.

Here's some rambutan.

These are cempedaks.

I love when they're made into fritters. The seeds are edible too.

And here's one of my favorite fruits!

Mangosteen anyone?



A dragon fruit farm nearby. I love the one with red flesh instead of the white as the white flesh fruits just taste pretty bland to me. The red ones are so much sweeter. Anyone has ever tried it before? They also has a restaurant inside there and once mom bought this deep fried garoupa with dragon fruit sauce and it's really nice!

A random picture of Ezzat at the orchard on one of his visits.

And a video of him helping to sweep the floor. When he's in his good mood, he is one really helpful boy.


  1. Nice pics baby! and a very helpful boy. muah

  2. Such great pics of what seems a small paradise :-)
    I love the old plates too, there always seems such a history in them!
    And the fruit looks yummie, so different than the variations we get here :-)

  3. What a cozy place. It looks relaxing and fun.

  4. I'm absolutely mesmerized by your pictures- the orchard, exotic fruits, seeing other muslimeen around the globe. I can't tell you how happy it made me to read and see- thank you so much for sharing!
    P.s. if you make fritters out of any of those exotic (to us) fruits, please share!!