Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tok Wan's Orchard (2)

Here are more pictures from the trip. And the same video, only this time it's from Youtube coz it has bigger screen.

Here's dad / Tok Wan again, working real hard. During Japanese occupation during WWII, tapioca was the main source of food here as rice was scarce and very expensive back then. There are abundant of tapiocas here in this orchard.

What shall we make this time?

The jungle as our backyard.

Emir was doing his bit.


  1. This looks like a neat house and the jungle yard? Wow! I have never seen tapioca trees. I hope I get to see some when we are there.

    It snowed here yesterday and it's cloudy and cold today. There's snow in the mountains, also. Yikes!

  2. It's already in the itinerary Aunt Jeri, you'll get to see them for sure. I think it's a neat house too, just that the person dad asked to repaint the house did such a mediocre work...and he painted it blue and green! Grrr...

    Still snowing? Oh boy!