Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tok Wan's Orchard

I forgot about a short visit we had when we went to Tok Wan's orchard a few weeks back (Tok Wan - nickname for grandfather). I just remembered about it when I took a look of some pictures taken with my phone. I recalled the date well because that was D-Day Uncle Dan was supposed to go for his BIIGGG ADVENTURE too - on May 9th. He didn't go until the next day though.

Farhan didn't want to go because he was really into cartoons that morning. So it was only me, Emir, Ezzat and Tok Wan. Tok (Grandma) was doing her gardening, and besides she was never really into stuff like this. Tok Wan took his really old van (see pic) and it was one hell of a ride in it, just imagine being in a tin box which is drivable.

That van is probably older than me.

Anyway, when we got there, the place was covered with wild bushes as tall as Emir, so dad decided to give it a trim and we just spent most of the time wondering around the house and didn't dare to venture far. And I've only been here twice since dad told me he bought this place last year.

Dad at work. You can see some tapioca trees.

Still busy trimming.

Wo hoo ma, look at what I found! A banana flower!!!


Mangosteen is one of the local fruits which one can find in dad's orchard, apart from durian, dokong, rambutan, and banana. I saw some tapioca plants too the other day. Here's a cute little mangosteen which unfortunately fell down before it got riped. Riped ones will have deep purple skin and that's really sweet and nice.

From the balcony.

During high tide. Dad's gonna built a jetty here.

Can we go back now?

Youtube is not cooperating today, and I'm not sure the quality of the video by Blogger. But here's a video taken while we're there. Can you spot a lizard on the tree?


  1. Great pics of an interesting trip!
    Love to hear your voices too.
    The fruits are awesome, so much more interesting than ours lol.

  2. Hey Marcelle!

    How are you? Yeah, pretty interesting if you like being in the jungle that is..hehehe...oh you've got to taste mangosteen one day. It's really nice. One of my favorite fruits!