Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cleveland - Part 3

Our third day in Cleveland. We spent the first half of the day at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. It's a well spread out zoo with a large variety of animal exhibits. We only did probably half of the touring since the place is pretty big. We decided to take the free tram back to the entrance since most of us got tired from all the walking. 

Bree and Katie

Getting ready to go to Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

Walking towards the zoo entrance from the parking lot.

Sarah and Katie.

First stop - African Elephant Crossing.


Checking out the big fat python.

Grammy and Katie.


Stumbled upon this fat squirrel.

Watching koalas.

Stopping for a quick snack for the kiddos.

On our way to the Primate, Cat & Aquatics. It was quite a walk going up the hill.

Daniel being the super dad, carrying both babies.

Looking at this gorilla made me feel as if I was looking at a bored old man. His expression was so human like.

Playing at the playground before heading back.

Back at home. Kids are playing their board games they got for Christmas.

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