Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cleveland - Part 2

DEC 27 2013

Day two in Cleveland was pretty much laid back. We didn't really have anything planned and I think it was nice and relaxing. 

Reading time with Grammy.

Petting Pooter, Daniel's sister's pet rat.

Bree and Sarah were having fun playing with each other.

Getting ready for a walk to a park nearby.

The front view of our rented house.

It was a perfect day for a stroll, a little bit chilly but nothing that would make us miserable.

Daniel and his little sister, Katherine.

One of the neighborhoods we passed by.

We got to this park.

It overlooks Lake Erie and has a great view of downtown Cleveland.

The kids were way ahead of us. Those little people in the picture were them.

Sarah was trying to keep up with the rest of us.

Until she decided that it was time for daddy to pick her up and take her to the playground.

Meanwhile I went for a bit of hiking to the beach to get the kids.

And came to this view.

He looks so grown up here.

He is too.

Spotted these cute duck footprints on the snow.

Farhan and Carly.

Emir and Carly.

Mom, Katherine and Ezzat on the way back to the park.

Last view.

Back on the short trail to the park.

Closer view of downtown Cleveland.

Carly's attempt to climb this giant tree.

She must had been so tired that she fell asleep when we started walking home.

In a few years they are all going to be in their teens. I'm not sure I am ready for that.

At one of the stoplights, some people in the cars that stopped were laughing and smiling at how Sarah slept. She was totally out.

I went out with Daniel's mom and his two sisters to the West Side Market in downtown Cleveland that afternoon while Daniel stayed at home with all the kids.

The West Side Market, with its 137 foot clock has stood as Cleveland landmark for nearly a century. The construction of the current building was finished in 1912 but the market itself began operating in 1840.

View of the market from the parking lot.

The fruit and vegetable arcade.

The interior of the market.

We stopped at this bakery. I love dessert!

Mom got us some cannolis!

View of the market from the balcony. Food Network Magazine named the market America's Best Food Lovers.

Katherine, Elizabeth and me.

Skyline view of downtown Cleveland from Lorain-Carnegie Bridge.

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