Monday, November 5, 2012

Summer Visiting Vacation 2012 - Part 3

July 9 2012

We went to Peach Crest Farm in Stratford, Oklahoma to pick up some peaches with Poppy. I was totally excited and we got ready pretty early for our U-pick trip. I love peaches and Daniel has been telling me about how good peaches can be here. I've never seen a peach tree before and I was hoping for some big towering trees that could provide me with some shades from the scorching hot sun. When we arrived at the farm, my eyes started to twitch when I saw the real deal. Oh no! These trees were super tiny and the temperature on the dashboard said 92 degrees and there was hardly any shade! For a split second, the idea of staying inside the car with the A/C on seemed far more tempting. But seriously, although I felt that the weather gods were feeling a little too frisky for my liking, I did get myself out of the car to start my peach picking adventure. I was glad I did. Despite being a little bit on the small side, some of the peaches were pretty good.

Since Peach Crest is a USDA certified organic farm, no pesticides are used here. We saw hundreds, could even be thousands of giant grasshopper everywhere in the farm, jumping and hopping, happily eating the peaches until there's nothing left except the pits.

40 minutes later, and we were done with peach picking!

 We drove by Stratford little town. There was nothing much to see or do here.

Sarah : "Move along folks!"

We took a different route to go home and it was great to be able to see other towns along the way. This is the city of Ada.

 Somewhere along the way home, we stopped at an Amish store to buy some fudge.

There are some pretty good fudge here and many choices to choose from.

One of the many beautiful landscapes of Oklahoma on the way back.

A sudden, welcome, rain shower cooled down the temperature from extremely hot to pleasant.

Chilling out at Poppy's place. In case you're wondering why the boys were only wearing swimming shorts, they were waiting to have water balloon fights. The sweet lady wearing an apron, that's GB, Poppy's wife. 

Beautiful and cozy house!

Water balloon fight, especially after the rain is FUN! 

Despite the hot weather, the backyard is unbelievably green and so pretty.

Thriving vegetable garden

Serious grilling is going on here

Producing this yummy dinner

Sarah with the ever cheerful Aunt B.

Cleaning up after dinner.

Hanging out with Poppy in the backyard.

Last activity of the day - the Diet Coke and Mentos geyser. 

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