Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break

The boys are having their Spring break for a week.  This week's weather has been pretty miserable; it's mostly gloomy and rainy.  It makes me want to camp out on the sofa with a blanket and nap all day long. The thought has not materialized so far. I got busy with daily routines and the boys kept themselves busy with story books, math practices, Legos, toys, TV and bikes but we did go to some parks nearby.

Here's the boys' favorite new park, Poulsbo's Fish Park. I used to think that the park was pretty small considering it's just right off the busy Lindvig Way road. It never did catch my attention until Emir mentioned it to us when he went there on a school field trip. He came back from the trip, all excited about the park and  told us about how he released his salmon fries into the streams at the park. Emir has been studying salmons since Fall and he has a Spring break challenge in which he has to create a Riparian ecosystem model that is best for salmon development. 'Ripa' means river bank in Latin.  I thought going to the park would give us an idea on how to build the model. So we did. Two days in a row.

At nearly 21 acres, the park is certainly larger than it looks from the road. I'm glad I took the kids there. There are a couple streams running toward the Dogfish Creek. 

The trail at the park is almost 1000 feet, a combination of wide wooden boardwalks, gravels and dirt. Hundreds of bird houses are scattered throughout the park and we did see a lot of birds.

 Can you spot a bird and a seaplane?

Poulsbo's waterfront is just across the street so this plane might landed there because it flew pretty low above us.

Enchanted forest

The boys found their favorite place to play right away.

I found mine. A big cherry blossom tree with white flowers.

The boys declared this place as their secret hideout. This is actually underneath my favorite huge cherry blossom tree. They cleared some of the fallen branches and they got this nice space to play. 

This was the view when we looked up


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  2. Hai kak cantik nya gambaq. Bunga tu bes cam kat Jepun

  3. oo lupa yang comment deleted tu pon adik ha. silap guna account zai

  4. Aaa kat sini banyak jugak pokok cherry tu. Tak lah banyak lagu kat Jepun tu tapi ada la kalau nak pi amik gambaq saja-saja. Best ka pi Aussie? Beli brg banyak ka?

  5. Sangat lah cantik tengok gambaq tu semua.. bila la nak boleh pi sana.. target next year lah.. makcaq kata nak pi next year.. nak ikut skali..

  6. Assalamualaikum Ina,

    Ina macam mana? Still kat Johor ka? Kumpui duit banyak2 mai sini next year ok ngan makcaq semua. Tak sabaqnya nak tunggu semua orang pakat mai sini. Best best..