Thursday, February 12, 2009

High five Farhan!

Since a few days ago, the boys' school has held some fun games for the level 1 students (7-9 yr old) in conjunction with the Sports Day which will be held this Saturday. As for the real games, only level 2 student (10-12 yr old) are allowed to participate. And today Farhan won a gold medal for one of the games! Yaaaayy Farhan! Emir is a bit sad that he didn't win and he asked me for his toy medals that I gave him a few years back so he can wear it too. Unfortunately I already threw that away when we moved to Alor Star. So tomorrow, we'll be heading to Tok's house to see if mama still has her medals in the cabinet so that Emir can have it =)

He's pretty sleepy actually but I need to snap one photo of him with that medal. Notice the 'have to' face?