Friday, March 9, 2012

Baby Pictures Overload

Sarah is 5 weeks old today. She has almost outgrown her newborn outfit although to me, she still looks like a tiny little bean. Her sleep cycle is getting better. She begins to sleep for shorter periods during the day and and wakes up twice at night to feed. Her neck muscles are getting stronger. She can hold her head for quite some time while laying on her tummy, turning it from side to side. And she loves to look around when we hold her up right. She does smiles and makes cooing sound from time to time. I'm not sure if those are real just yet but I can't wait for the true deal to happen!

Sarah at 16 days old. She just came back from an appointment with an audiologist.

At exactly 3 weeks

 With her daddy

With her big brothers before they went off to school

 Her 0-3 month pj is getting too small

Sarah at 4 weeks ( and 1 day) old, with brother Ezzat before her bath time.

Ezzat : "Can I pet her?"

For now it is so much easier to bathe her in the sink

The boys are getting used to having a little sister

Totally sound asleep after her warm bath

She loves to be held upright

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pictures of Sarah

I lost all of the digital pictures I took of Sarah since she was born when the external hard drive went kaput. Luckily I have some hard copies that I've printed out. The scanned version is not that great but here are some for your view.

Sarah at 10 days old

Thank you G.Grandma Louise for this really pretty blanket and super cute hat that you made for Sarah!