Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blueberry Hollow - Thanksgiving 2012

We were very lucky to have another opportunity to spend our Thanksgiving holiday this year at Blueberry Hollow with Daniels' aunt's family, the Wickhams. We had such a great time, and I hated to see it ended. This year, instead of driving to Portland one day earlier, we decided to go the next day, on Thanksgiving Day itself. Luckily the traffic wasn't that bad and we made it just in time for the feast.

Sarah finally has hair!

Aunt Barbara giving instructions on how to get the food

Some of the guests


Abby, Aunt Susan and Uncle Rick

Queuing for food

Finger licking good Aunt Barbara!

My plate! Thank you so much Aunt Barbara for making the yummy halal goat curry and baked salmon for us. It was very thoughtful of you and we really appreciated it.

I met Mrs Ruth, Uncle Eric's mom for the first time. She's a very sweet lady. Bride to be, Robin in green polka dot green cardigan. Her wedding to Sam, Daniel's cousin, was only one day away when this picture was taken. 

The boys's table

Our hosts, Uncle John and Aunt Barbara in a candid moment.

Sarah's own candid moment - trying to get as many persimmons as she can.

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