Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Favorite Store

July 7, 2010

The boys were cooped up in the hotel room for a pretty long time so we took them to their favorite store to make it up for them. The store is at Ala Moana Mall, just right next to the hotel.

The Lego Store!

I lllluuvvv the bright colors

One of the new releases

Look: Yes
Touch: Yes
Buy: No

Yes, you can take pictures in the Lego store, phew...I thought the guy would ask me to stop.


  1. Hahaha kesian. Kak potong rambut si Ejat ka? Macam bowl oredi ahaha

  2. Ya, dia sibuk nak potong rambut, kakak pulak tak mau rambut dia cam rambut Emir, so kakak bawak pi kedai gunting rambut tu, explain kat nyonya tukang gunting rambut, dia pun potong la lagu ni. Tapi la ni dah panjang dah balik. Boleh trim lagi skali.

  3. Lego stores just are tempting to walk in to... even for an adult. I love the colours too. Do the boys play with lego often?

  4. Marcelle, the boys are totally into Legos. And right now, their favorite is the Star Wars line but they certainly do not come free. They have to do certain things, house chores etc to gain extra money to buy the toys.