Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our House

This is our previous apartment. It's pretty small for five people but it's easier to manage. It has 2 bedroom, one bathroom - the whole area is probably around 650 - 700 sq ft and it has coin-operated washers and dryers on each floor. What I like about it is that it's a low rise apartment (only 3 floors) so it's pretty convenient to get down to the car plus it's inexpensive.

This is our current apartment and it's just one block way from our previous place. We just moved in on the 26th Feb. It's so much bigger, same number of room and bathroom, I think it's probably around 1000 sq ft with a nice view of the mountains. This is the view from the front door.

And this is the view from the front windows at the living hall.

This is one of the mountains, it's greener now since it has been raining lately. That's where the kids' school is situated, it takes less than 5 minutes to get there by car.

This is one of the views from the window, on the right side.

And this is on the left side. And the boys love the pools!

This is the kitchen which I love =)

This is the living room.

We use the master bedroom as the kids' room because it's way much bigger for the bunk bed.

The bathroom.

  And this is the best part, washer and dryer in the house!

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